T u n n e l s

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A long long time ago...


...from the shores  of the ancient city of San Francisco , The Rabbit Hole Orchestra  is known as a  nine piece psychedelic rock formation that emerged from the depth of the planet's core sometime 10,000 years after the great fall .. Emerging  from a sudden  shift of the tectonic plates ,  to reveal the  lost kingdoms buried within the  ocean of lost civilizations...


 Guitars, Synths, Vocals , Programming / Benny Langfur 

Trumpet, Trombone, Vocals / Charles Darius

Bass / Jonas Blume

 Synths, Programming/ Elad Geriany

Drums / Darren Thompson

Percussion /  Adam Dainowski

Violin / Ariel Fournier

Violin / Lee corbie wells

Violin / Sean Lefler

Vibraphone / Lydia Martin

Cello / Abe Finkelstein



All Music composed by Benny Langfur





10/20 /18 SF Burning Man Decompression 2018 .Potrero Power Station 420 23rd st. San Francisco

7/20/18 Ephemeraisle 18' ,  mandeville point, Sacramento River delta

7 /7/18  State of  Jefferson . San Rafael , CA

6/10/18  Haight Ashbury Street Fair - Stanyan stage, SF 


11/25/17 Bottom of the Hill , San Francisco, CA

7/4/18 The convent  San Francisco,Ca 


5/7/18   Brick & Mortar music hall San Francisco CA


2/13/18 Chabot Space & Science center      Oakland. CA








by The Rabbit Hole Orchestra